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Even for the most seasoned business it can be very difficlut to tell when your successful organization is ready for a business model overhaul. Most time it's business-as-usual at most companies and the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"  is the rule rather than the exception. Yet, throughout history it has been the people who think outside-the-box who have toppled empires.  Our company will evaluate the market conditions and your company position to uncover ways to maximize your growth potential.  From as low as $299 we give you  our analysis from the bottom up including everything from the manufacturing process to the point of sale and beyond.  



One the biggest PITFALLS in today's businesses is Asset Protection. One small lapse in coverage and you could lose it all.  Having an independent examination of your company's safety procedures, operation methods and  personnel, can uncover potential liability issues.  We can assist you with our team of professionals including Personal Injury Attorney's and Loss Prevention Specialists to avoid the costly mistakes that take down most businesses today. 



It takes a very keen eye to stay on top of market shifts. In today's market, there's a storm of information with TV, Internet, Social Media, Print, etc.,  It's just not enough to read a magazine or watch a financial program every now and then, you must cover all your bases.  Market Research and Demographics are only in tuned when you crunch massive amounts of data from hundreds of sources.  I'll bet that KODAK never saw the digital revolution ending its business.  A well planned and executed Market research program can yield a wealth of information that is useful for future planning as well as what immediate opportunities exist today to stay ahead of the competition. 



All too often people think they have a great idea and, while sometimes that might be true, more often than not, its a failing idea.  This can be seen by the thousands of restaurants that open and close every year.

So many people believe that with Mama's recipe book and a good location they can be millonaires.  The truth of the matter is that without proper market research and, by extension, market testing, there is very little you can know about the impact your product or service will have before you ever start spending money on the venture. Our company can offer you many ways to test the market from demographic research, to blind study's and actual field testing with 1-to-1 interaction. 

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