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We do not discuss specifics of our clients operations.  But here are a couple of recent projects we are working on for our all of our clients. 

PROJECT - 01 - Social Media

Unfortuately in today's electronic age, companies can no longer ignore the paradigm shift that is occuring with the consumer evolving into new forms of social media and communication.  


The days of the consumer looking into the yellow pages to find a store to shop at are long gone.  These days the younger generation use their computers and social media like the generations before used the yellowpages.

The new forms of advertising are staggering.  Sites & service companies like Google, Yahoo and BING are fighting for internet communication control while companies like COMCAST and ATT are fighting for control of the TV audience.


Understanding the complex battles that are raging for control of the consumer extend far beyond the internet and TV viewership venues.  

Consider then if you then throw in the Apple v. Sansung battle for content control over mobile devices and the fact that AMAZON & GOOGLE are now launching TV set-top boxes to gain even more control over the consumer,  you can begin to see how difficult sorting out who's winning and where your ad dollars are better spent. 


Did you know you can increase traffic in your business with one simple change that only costs you pennies?

If you dont know what that change is, you really need to call us immediately. 

PROJECT-02 - Steamline Mandate

This project came to us as a special a mandate from several of our government contacts that wish to "DO MORE WITH LESS".

The objective of this project is to take a comprehensive look at the organizational structure from top to bottom and make recommendations as to the efficiency of the corporate structure.  

These recommendations included the elimination of certain corporate positions and consolidation of others.  We examine everything from the supply chain & logistics,  to the customer interaction and satisfaction. 

As I said from top to bottom, we examine everything.  


Take the example of one of our corporate clients, a highend furniture store, that was spending an enormous amount of money with their marketing company.  This is a perfect example of the old saying "if it aint broke don't fix it".

An examination of their marketing strategy revealed that many of the print media they were purchasing actually had overlapping demographics.  Their budget kept growing and their sales did not keep pace.  By realocating the needless expenses of the overlapping demographics and rotating their print media budget while allocating more to social media and internet advertising, their ad budget actually decreased while we increased their sales. 


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