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All too often business owners, who are used to running their businesses "their way" , fail to adjust their business model to

react to an ever changing economy or a shift in social paradigm and eventually find themselves out-of-business.  

Our company is dedicated to helping business owners identify market shifts, streamline operations, cut overhead and

maximize profits, while finding you real world opportunities to increase market share and profitability!



Your success depends on so many factors that one person cannot keep track of all areas of an ever changing economy.   With advances in Social Media, Technology and Financial markets, it takes a team to keep up-to-date with all the opportunities out there. 


Our team consists of veteran marketing professionals with over 100 years of experience, PHD psychologists, Information Technology professionals and even PHD Mathematicians who specialize in risk management.


Our Solutions begin with a comprehensive study of your business from top to bottom. We evaluate all aspects of your business to give you the best course of action.  What you want is immediate results and we are the company to give them to you. 


Our company was founded with the idea that, if you bring together the brightest people, specializing in all areas of business, our team of professionals can benefit any organization.  You will gain from resources you may not otherwise be able to afford.  At your service are more than 12 MBA's, A PHD Mathematician, a Clinical Psychologist and more than 20 Marketing & Advertsing professionals, and even our President and CEO whose IQ was tested over 180  (genuis levels) ..

We only accept clients which we feel will see significant returns on our fees.  From developing a business plan, we see you through all phases of implementation.  Our company is proud of our 98% success rate.  Call us today and we can show you what we can do for you.


     If you're promotion is subconsciously activating the person's Insula Cortex you may want to rethink your strategy.

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